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I use my Traveler’s Notebooks every day. Normally I have one TN in my everyday bag with three inserts: one for brain dumps, one for personal note taking and one from our publishing house’ witch for magical notes. And I have a bigger one in my journaling bag, which I carry around the house with 6 inserts: a habit tracker, my monthly insert, my to do list (which I use as a I did it!-list), my gratitude journal, our house building journal and an insert for morning pages. Yes, it is a fatty, but as it stays at home, I don’t mind.

And still there is so much you can use your Traveler’s Notebook for. This is a list of 55 ideas you could fill in your Traveler’s notebook!



  • To-do lists – or Done-lists!
  • Tasks
  • Homework assignments
  • Business plan lists
  • Time block notes


  • Habit tracker
  • Mood tracker
  • Personal goals
  • Health tracker
  • Future log
  • Events and appointments
  • Wish list
  • Shopping list


  • Log of weight loss/gain
  • Food diary
  • Fitness diary
  • Weight loss / Fitness goals
  • Pain Diary
  • Tracking your measurements


  • Chore list
  • Spring cleaning notes
  • Daily cleaning to-do lists
  • Weekly cleaning to-do lists
  • Home repairs to make
  • Numbers of home repair contractors
  • Recipe list
  • Food ideas
  • Meal plan/meal prep


  • Favorite movies
  • Favorite TV shows
  • Favorite songs and artists
  • Books to read
  • Books already read
  • Things to do
  • Places to see
  • Bucket list
  • Favorite quotes
  • Personal affirmations
  • Crafts to try


  • Specific savings goals
  • Budget
  • Daily personal expenses
  • Daily business expenses
  • Records for tax returns
  • Household finance info
  • Debt tracker
  • Bill payment tracker
  • Money savings challenges


  • Funny quotes from your kids
  • Places to bring your family
  • Family game night ideas
  • School shopping lists
  • Allergy/diet info for each kid
  • Insurance info
  • Pet tracker/info


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